Spring has Sprung!

by Emily Hammell:

Spring has sprung! This season swells up out of my heart like a fast-flowing river. When spring hits, something is always going on from camping trips, kayaking trips, planting the garden, and other outdoor chores, etc. But wait! Before you begin all of your adventures you should do a few things first.

You go into your dark basement or your gear room and pull out your gear from its winter slumber. It’s time for exciting trips and adventures but before you throw everything in the back of your truck, you should inspect your gear! Make sure it is sound and ready to work for you in the best condition possible. The last thing you want is your gear underperforming or breaking while out in the backcountry or on the river. We have tons of pieces available like replacement buckles, zipper pulls, repair tape, etc. at Footsloggers and if we don’t, we can lead you in the right direction to get whatever you need.

Now that your gear is in tip-top shape, you need to make sure it’s clean. Did you know that you can wash your tent or your rain jacket? It’s actually encouraged! If your gear is covered in dirt or oils from your skin, it will not perform as well as it did when you first got it. You want to wash them in mild detergent or any pro cleaners that we sell at Footsloggers on gentle and a light dry cycle. This will help any waterproof coatings to fluff back up and bead up water again. We also sell boot cleaner and buff brushes to help you clean your boots as well!

Make sure you carry a first aid kit, even if it only consists of a few band aids. When was the last time you checked your kit? Are the band aids or medical balms out of date? What condition is your medical tape in and does it need to be replaced? Take some duck tape with you and wrap it around your trekking poles just in case of an emergency. Another little hack is wrapping tape around a small lighter. There are things you can do to be prepared and not have to do a ton of work to get you prepared for anything.

Let’s talk about hydration. Do you use a water filter and if so, when was it cleaned last? Using a filter is so great and convenient when out on the trail but if it is full of dirt and silt from prior use, it will need a proper backflush! Make your filter new and sparkly again so you know you’re getting fresh and healthy water every time you fill up. Footsloggers carry multiple items to help clean your bottles, filters, reservoirs. All you need to do is ask!

Last but not least, come check out our “quick grab” spring items. For example, we carry a few types of bug repellents, eco-friendly soaps for your dishes in the backcountry, hydration sports drink mixes, lightweight Nalgene bottles, anti-chafe sticks, energy chews, sunscreen and different types of fuel for camping. Everything you need to get out there and go adventuring and go safely!

Thank you for your support of our little company. We exist to help you in all the ways we can with a happy heart. We love you and hope you have a happy spring!!