Chaco Care Tips

How to care for your favorite adventure sandals

by Zach Wright

We know that many of you, like our staff, are huge fans of Chaco Footwear. Everybody from whitewater guides to casual downtown explorers seems to be rocking a pair of fresh Chacos, but many skip a vital part of being a Chaco owner: Chaco Care. Here are 5 tips on how to help take care of your sandals.

  1. Rinse Off Sandals After Wearing
    • The easiest step in caring for your new Chacos is just rinsing them off after you have used them. Dirt and nastiness can build in the channels that the straps flow through, which can lead to the straps sticking and some serious stank over time. Take them off before you head inside and hose them down. After doing this, hang dry your sandals outside, in your shower, or wherever works best for you. This will get some of the gunk that hasn’t quite stuck yet out so you can keep your sandals fresh.
  2. Washing Sandals
    • While most Chaco products use anti-microbial materials that limit smell-causing bacteria, these sandals can still pack a strong odor after a lot of usage. You can either toss them in the washer on a gentle cycle using mild detergent (like Gear Aid Revivex Pro Cleaner) or baking soda, or you can hand wash them using a light dish soap. Chacos aren’t designed to be able to handle extreme heat, so don’t put in the dish washer or in the dryer. Always hang dry your Chacos. Make sure that you wash off all of the soap before wearing them again so the soap doesn’t affect the environment!
  3. Flossing Your Straps
    • The slots that the straps go through are notorious for collecting some nasty grime, which is usually a mix of dirt, sand, sweat, and whatever else might find its way in. If not taken care of, this can lead to the straps sticking so you can’t adjust them. To fix this, wet down the straps and apply a little bit of light fabric softener in each slot. Just like how you floss your teeth, pull the straps back and forth to free up any nastiness that has lodged itself in your shoes. Doing this should clear out those paths so you can freely adjust and enjoy your favorite adventure sandals.
  4. Eliminate the Stank
    • Like mentioned above, most Chacos are made with materials that have anti-microbial characteristics, but we all know someone that has really put their sandals through the works. This can sometimes lead to an unpleasant odor drifting up from your sandals. To try to get rid of the smell, take a firm-bristled brush and rub in some baking soda and water into the foot bed. After air drying, hopefully your go-to sandals won’t scare off your adventure buddies.
  5. ReChaco Repairs
    • If you have any major issues with your Chacos starting to fall apart, check out the ReChaco Repairs If your sandals have seen better days, but can be fixed up to keep you going through the end of the warm season, they will do their best to fix them so you can get back outside. If your sandals are beyond repair, stop by our shop to check out the newest colors. Our staff would love to get your sandals fitted for you so you can get the most out of your next adventures.